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Lunchbox Lovelies - Sugarfree Oat Bars with Pistachios & Apricots

Lunchbox Lovelies: Sugarfree Oat Bars with Pistachios and Apricots - Sarah Graham Food

Our little Sophie is off to pre-school for the first time ever this week (don’t get me started), and so I thought it only fair that besides the usual lunchbox paraphernalia, she has a little home-made treat to keep her company when she has her little snacky school lunch. (And what if she finds … Continue reading Lunchbox Lovelies: Sugarfree Oat Bars with Pistachios and Apricots

Mushroom & Tarragon Tart

Mushroom & Tarragon Tart - Sarah Graham Food

There is something très French and très chic about this tart. And yet its hearty, humble and wholesome at the same time. I am not sure why I said ‘and yet’ – because it’s not that any of these things and chic and French are mutually exclusive? And whether you use store-bought short crust pastry … Continue reading Mushroom & Tarragon Tart

almost instant choc mousse

Almost Instant Chocolate Mousse - Sarah Graham Food

“You know what? SOD IT. Yip. You heard me, you beastly sub-conscious calorie counter you” It’s true, I usually pride myself on pretty healthy and reasonably calorie-conscious cooking, with everything carefully thought through, all neat and tidy and just so. You know the type. Well that was then. And this is now. And now our … Continue reading Almost Instant Chocolate Mousse

Pavlova 101 - Now Anyone Can Make Meringues

Pavlova 101 - Now Anyone Can Make Meringues - Sarah Graham Food

You say Pavlova, some say Palava, some say Meringues… either way they can be quite hard to get exactly right, and, ergo, quite easy to botch. But if you concentrate and follow these tips closely you’ll get the knack in a jiffy and won’t look back. They store for up to 2 months in an … Continue reading Pavlova 101 – Now Anyone Can Make Meringues

fiery ChickenLivers

Our Favourite Fiery Chicken Livers - Sarah Graham Food

I KNOW. Livers. Could you be any more underwhelmed? But wait, did you know that they are downright delicious and an absolute doddle to make? That they’re ridiculously budget friendly and are just as at home sitting comfortably over creamy cauliflower mash, or perched atop crunchy bruschetta, or languishing in a bowl of silky linguini? … Continue reading Our Favourite Fiery Chicken Livers

glten free banana bread

Banana Bread (Sugar and Gluten Free) - Sarah Graham Food

I love Banana Bread. Partly, because it comes in the form of a loaf, and I LOVE bread in all its forms (although, yes, of course, this is not technically a bread, but we are talking form here); and partly because of it’s dark-specked deliciousness and how ridiculously amazing it smells when it’s baking. Oh … Continue reading Banana Bread (Sugar and Gluten Free)

Meg’s Easter Barley Salad

Easter Barley Salad Recipe by Sarah Graham - A Foodie Lives Here

I’m not sure where Meg found this (she’s the creative one, slash brilliant wedding photographer slash soon to be mum) but she brought it round for our roast lamb Easter Sunday dinner this year, and I’ve been making versions of it ever since. It’s a little bit high maintenance, but once you’ve got the knack … Continue reading Meg’s Easter Barley Salad


Creamy Cauliflower and Spinach Curry - Sarah Graham Food

It’s almost winter in Joburg, and all those autumnal colours, clearest blue skies and morning chill in the air always make me happy. They also make me want to eat curry, and as we’re on a super healthy eating trip in our home, trying to eat less meat and fewer refined carbs and sugar (see … Continue reading Creamy Cauliflower and Spinach Curry

bacon pasta

Why-he-married-me Bacon Pasta

I know right, sad to think that Rob could be that shallow… sometimes though I really do think that this was right up there with any other good attributes I might have when he decided to pop t…


Why-I-Married-Him Fillet Flambé - Sarah Graham Food

aka Flambéd Fillet for Phil the Legend’s Fortieth So you might have come across my ‘Why-He-Married-Me Bacon Pasta’ Recipe. Well, it’s only fair that I let you in on a little secret – the way to my heart is also through my stomach. And it comes in the form of Rob’s unrivaled flambéd fillet steak. … Continue reading Why-I-Married-Him Fillet Flambé


Sticky Asian Ribs and The Wine Show - Sarah Graham Food

(Photo Credit: Curtis Gallon) Hey Friends As if the Parklife Food & Music Festival this coming weekend isn’t enough fun for us all, then you don’t need to look any further for your next happy outing than The TOPS at SPAR Wine Show at Joburg’s Sandton Convention Centre from the 7-9 May. And in honour … Continue reading Sticky Asian Ribs and The Wine Show