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chili-orange oil - chili flakes, garlic, orange zest, sesame and canola oil simmered together until toasted, fragrant and delicious

The Chile Orange oil is great on EVERYTHING! Delicious drizzled on cooked veggies and meats, even better rubbed all over a whole fish before roasting.

I get questions all the time about what type of dressings I use for my salads and I'm currently working on a blog post with my favorite store-bought dressings but homemade is BEST. I have a blog post with my six go-to dressings ready and waiting for ya #ontheblog. Take time this weekend to make one so you'll be ready for drizzlin' this coming week! They're all amazing but definitely don't sleep on the zesty tahini or the cilantro lime! . . . #saladdressing #salad #saladeveryday #saladpower…

6 HEALTHY homemade salad dressings that are super easy to make. These delicious dressings will take your salad to the next level.