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an instagram page with toy animals and presents on the table, including giraffes
oscar turns two :: party animals + plaid trousers
second birthday -- probably actually-1-5
there is a chocolate cake decorated with animals and plants on top of the wooden stand
Wedding cakes and other yummy things by Aan Tafel - Fine Art Photographer Finland
Wedding Cakes, Petra Veikkola Photography - food photography and styling, Cakes by Aan Tafel, styling by Hey Look www.petraveikkola.com
there are many different types of food on display in the jars and at the tables
Unique Arts & Craft Projects, Games, Toys, & Apps for Kids | Seedling
Put together an easy hand crafted snack bar for a safari themed party!
a basket filled with marshmallows and brownies next to a wooden stick
combined Teddy Grahams, Honey Maid Bees and mini marshmallows. Raisins and other dried fruit would be tasty
a card with an image of giraffes and zebras on it
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These Party Animal notecards are just perfect for your next birthday pa... click for more information
a birthday party poster with toy animals on it
Calling All Party Animals...
Little Hiccups: Calling All Party Animals... Mage and used digital picture as invite!!!
a cake sitting on top of a white plate covered in frosting and topped with greenery
This playful woodland cake is made of flavorful Madeira cake layers and finished with vanilla bean buttercream, matcha moss and Valrhona cacao nibs. via @whiskwander
there is a cake with deer and trees on the top, along with two figurines
Woodland themed cake inspired by another Pinterest post, made with chocolate mud cake, buttermilk frosting, rosemary for the trees and Schleich animal figurines
two giraffes on top of a white cake with flowers and greenery
How To Make A Drip Cake To Wow The Party | Novelty Birthday Cakes
Safari zoo party, semi naked drip cake with caramel popcorn and rosemary