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need barn plans and photos - Homesteading Today by elinor Mini Goats, Baby Goats, Cabras Boer, Pigmy Goats, Goat Fence, Goat Playground, Goat Toys, Goat Shed, Goat Shelter

need barn plans and photos

We are moving and I get a brand new barn built does anyone want to share there set ups with me there is a small barn already...

By simply attaching the bristle end of a push broom with zip ties to a tree or post you have an inexpensive DIY scratcher! This would work well for dogs and cats too! Mini Goats, Baby Goats, Goat Playground, Goat Shed, Goat Shelter, Raising Goats, Raising Farm Animals, Goat Barn, Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Cheap, Easy Goat Scratcher — Gifts from Goats

With the animals shedding their winter coats, they want to rub along anything to scratch their backs. Make this cheap goat scratcher to save your fencing from seasonal wear. All you need is a stiff bristle broom. This one was free - it broke and was abandoned on a job site where my husband was work

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▷ 1001 + Idée déco terrasse pour votre espace extérieur + des balcons fleuris pour la belle saison

Trouvez ici une idée déco terrasse qui va vous inspirer pour le nouveau look de votre balcon -en style sobre, bohème, indien, mexicain, méditerranéen...

Goat shelter / jeux pour chèvres / toys for goats / abri chèvres Goat Playground, Goat Shed, Goat Shelter, Goat Barn, Raising Goats, Keeping Goats, Mini Farm, Goat Farming, Baby Goats

Goats of Anarchy on Instagram: “Goat squad”

Goats of Anarchy shared a post on Instagram: “Goat squad” • Follow their account to see 5,316 posts.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any great muscle building toys for Boer Wether show goats? Keeping Goats, Raising Goats, The Farm, Mini Farm, Mini Goats, Baby Goats, Goat Playground, Playground Ideas, Goat Shed

Goat Toys: Why You Need Them & DIY Ideas

Goats are active, curious, intelligent animals. They need a living environment that provides mental stimulation and exercise just as much as they need food and water. Bored, unhappy goats can be temperamental, less productive, and make more attempts to escape their pen.Fortunately, goats are likely to play with nearly anything, and it's easy and inexpensive […]