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Horary Acupoints

The Horary point is the local acupoint to a particular meridian (i.e. wood point on a wood pathway). This local meridian acupoint becomes a horary point during the two-hour period of maximum energy for that particular meridian. Outside of that time slot, it returns to a normal acupoint. The horary acupoint become a very powerful point for body/mind/ spirit during the horary time slot. Activating the horary acupoint, we can reach the official and boost and revitalize the Qi of that element…

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Chinese Medicine for a Migraine

Chinese medicine has proven time and time again to be incredibly valuable and effective and is able to treat a variety of health conditions. Chinese medicine for a migraine has proven to be very successful, and so if you suffer from migraines and have tried other methods of treatment before with no success then you may want to make Chinese medicine the next step.

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The Most Used Acupuncture Points in Clinical practice! | AcuPro Academy | Acupuncture Online Courses

Unless your practice mostly revolves around musculoskeletal issues, you probably use the same 50 or so acupuncture points with varied combinations. I believe most practitioners gravitated towards their favorite points and most will often pick from the pool of “Special Points”. I am definitely one of them. I love to use Ghost points, Back-Shu, Xi-Cleft, […]

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ST-30 Rushing Qi QICHONG -Acupuncture Points are used for treating swelling and pain of the external vagina, swelling and pain of the penis, pain of the testicles, retraction and pain of both testicles, shan disorder, impotence, pain of the lumbar region with difficulty in turning, fullness of the lateral costal region.