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Learn to build Android apps | Appinventor

You can create your own apps for Android phones—and it's easy to do. This extraordinary book introduces App Inventor for Android, a powerful visual tool that lets anyone build apps for Android-based devices. Learn the basics of App Inventor.

Lovely connection detail at junction of oost and beam

Create free standing Umrbis patio roof structures to cover garden dining areas, kitchens or pool areas. These structures can be designed with minimal supporting posts or vertical timber louvres for additional protection.

Love this

Love this

chicken wire fence

Chicken Wire and Climbers The right styling and your favourite climbers can make chicken wire fencing work for your city townhouse. It’s sturdy, striking, affordable and easy to maintain.

Презентация габионных конструкций ООО «Кольчуга»

Be cool as a dog kennel, or chicken coop to keep the waskally rascals in and the whiley coyotes out

gabion fence with timber rails http://www.gabion1.co.uk

Ooh- what if we made this with 7 boards: with the gaps making 13 stripes, and adding a star field to the left corner, we'd have a flag!