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Janette Rust
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♥ Your lips... For that is the only way to stop the thunder inside me.

The thunder and lightening inside of me

he loved.

He loved her without desperation and needs and wants. With his naked soul, he loved her, and dreamt of her clothed in white dancing beneath the moonlight as the stars grew jealous of the way she moved.

The Universe and Her, and I poem 10 - Christopher Poindexter

They say love will not last, that it has no happy ending, but I say the hell with what they say : let us burn these fears down to the ground & we will dance like childen in the ashes // The Universe and Her, & I - Christopher Poindexter

•❥ ɮҽąųtﻨƒųℓ ɣҽґɓﻨąɠҽ

you reached into my soul and rearranged the position of my bones, you rebuilt my ribcage so your heart could be home.and without home, I can feel mine stuck in my throat. Each breath I take I can feel it choke, just waiting for you to put it at ease.