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Vegetable oil is a great addition to an older horse's diet. Horses digest it well and it's a great source of energy.

Exactly when a horse should be considered old varies. Bigger breeds make old bones earlier.

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This is all good and well, but I wonder if you could make something that would fit in the hole on top of the cone and then be a jump cup on top?

My Horses Vital Signs

**FREE Horse Health Fact Sheet** How often do you check your horse's vital signs? Regular monitoring of your horse's main health indicators is so critical and can give you extra information in case of

Phase 1

How to Do the Seven Games of Parelli. Pat & Linda Parelli's natural horsemanship method uses these "Seven Games" as a foundation for the rest of the program. These games are based on the "games" that horses play with each other.

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There ain't room in this town for the two sets of pants that horse would need. View "Just a Mini Horse Dressed as a Sheriff" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor