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Teacher's Pet Displays » Mini Punctuation Plant » FREE downloadable EYFS, KS1, KS2 classroom display and teaching aid resources » A Sparklebox alternative
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How to teach evens and odds so kids will truly understand. Engaging and hands on lessons for teaching even and odd numbers $
Printable classroom schedule cards or by SouthernStatement on Etsy
Suggest changing out "good" & consider a movement break instead of losing…
A great visual and center activity for understanding place value. This one is SO easy to make, and SO effective!
Poster display for classroom expectations/community building $
This is the easiest way to add the minutes to your clock. Just round off a few sticky notes and you're done. Still thinking of how to add to the theme and show quarter hours. I'm thinking leaves...
I did something like this this past year, The kids made their own cupcakes and I…
Counting on Fingers (Number Sense Activity) | Squarehead Teachers