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Image of How to effectively kill every single cockroach in your house without using a single chemical

Cockroach is disgusting, and if you see even just one or two of them in your home, you need to do something immediately. Not only does thinking about them crawling nearby make a person cringe, but …

Sandalias de verano para bebé a Crochet - Parte 2

Sandalias de verano para bebé a Crochet - Parte ~ **I could not "PIN" part 1 as I got an (image) error message, but when you go to the site for part you will also find part ~W~

DIY Mason Jar Baking Soda Air Freshener - 15 Genius DIY Ways to Make Your Home Smell Wonderful

This works great! Much better than the gelled version of DIY air freshner and easier to make. Everytime I walk in the room it smells fresh & has a nice scent to it. Will be doing in my whole house soon. -diy air freshener - baking soda and oil