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“I'm not an AC fan, but the point can be made daily by any cyclist vs any soccer player. Time to revoke Man cards.

This is one I have to remember myself. I had inspired many. Now I need to go back to being that inspiration.

This is a good point and something i don't really think about - I'm constantly inspired by other cyclists just because they're out there, not because they're super fast or anything. So it's possible maybe I inspire others just by being out there.

Some of your best work is when nobody is watching

Early morning, my kind of cycling. I love being out in an early morning mist and riding sun.

Cycling Quotes All up to date 2013 Texas bicycle rides in one location

they have this on the walls of athlete's lab. can we do a craig alexander / andreas raelert / steve jobs / warren buffet version? or all of the above! :D