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Sorry for all the cuss words guys but these pictures are hilarious

My life has been one big "well shit" moment.

Vader dad 2.0 - www.viralpx.com

Vader dad the dad everyone knows and use to love (sorta)

Jesus Christ...

this is too funny

Adjustable Pegboard Shelf

This Adjustable Peg Shelf Offers Stylish Storage In Any Room

Men Rack / Theseus will be the only one with things like ties or watches even a belt

Gentleman style, or office supplies storage

why did i never put this together?! i eat these both frequently.

My favorite chocolates are Ferreo's. I had never had Nutella before. I was searching on the interwebz looking for history of the chocolate and discovered. Nutella was from the same chocolate man.I have been addicted to Nutella since.


actually i think that the term "ginger" might have come from Gilligan's island. One of the characters was named Ginger and she has very red hair. and strawberry blond probably came from the pinkish tint.

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Funny pictures about The circle of fear. Oh, and cool pics about The circle of fear. Also, The circle of fear.

Meanwhile in Russia

Meanwhile in Russia. Can we gooo ;