Jana Mathys
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Goedkope knutsel tip van Speelgoed tip van Speelgoedbank Amsterdam voor ouders en kinderen. Goedkoop knutselen met blik / lege conserven blikken. Zo maak je er een prachtig windlicht van.

~~ DIY ~~ Fill the tin with water and freeze in the freezer. Once frozen, draw a design on a paper, and then pierce holes of your design using a nail and hammer.

Zo kan er niemand meer aan mijn schaar komen hahaha

Going ballistic about fabric scissors. She hasn’t locked them up yet, but I have been yelled at. It’s just easier for me to go borrow the kids’ safety scissors. They know sharing, is caring.

Number lock clue.

Place Value Cups. Use the cups to understand place value practice counting forward and backward learn the names of large numbers decompose numbers to expanded form. I would either label the cups 'ones' 'tens' etc. or add a comma cup or decimal point cup