Afrikaans Quotes, Humour, Qoutes, Sassy, Journals, African, Humor, Dating, Diaries

Afrikaans, Breathe, Laughing, Qoutes, Sassy, Humour, Journals, Humor, Dating

Afrikaans, Breathe, Qoutes, Journals, Dating, Diaries, Quotations, Quotes, True Words

Lazer Cut, Afrikaans, Qoutes, Sassy, Humour, Humor, Dating, Quotations, Quotes

Afrikaans Quotes, Humour, Random Thoughts, Cape, Qoutes, Sassy, African, Journals, Humor

Afrikaans, Random Things, Funny Things, Humour, Humor, Random Stuff, Ha Ha, Fun Things, So Funny

Afrikaans, Random Thoughts, Poems, Sassy, Nostalgia, Journals, Poetry, Diaries, Poem

Afrikaans Quotes, Random Thoughts, Humour, Weird, Journals, Africa, Humor, Outlander, Diaries

Afrikaans, Cape Town, Humour, Sassy, Friendship, Nostalgia, Humor, Comic, So Funny

Vannie Kaap (@vannie.kaap) | Instagram photos and videos

Vannie Kaap (@vannie.kaap) | Instagram photos and videos