Jozi Gateways - landscaping & street furniture

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people are walking down the street in front of a building with several black blocks on it
Mała architektura miejska, producent STYL-BET
a park bench sitting on top of a stone walkway next to a lush green field
Normand Park, London
Normand Park, London - Benches and Seating
concrete benches are lined up on the sidewalk
San Francisco Parklets – Outdoor Activities San Francisco
The 9 Coolest Parklets In S.F. For Outdoor R
a large planter on the side of a city street
Deco Planters
Deco Planters
a black and red box sitting in front of a brick wall
Maroubra Bin | botton + gardiner
a parking meter sitting on the side of a road in front of an office building
Basurero radium en la area de estacionamiento
Papelera geométricamente estilizada con cantos redondeados de lamila de acero galvanizado. El anillo de soporte contiene el linner metalico para poder evitar las bolsas plasticas. Su montaje es un ejemplo de papelera elegante y duradera. Su diseño combina con la gama de bancos y pilonas Radium. #MobiliarioUrbano #basurero #EspacioPublico #radium #CentroComercial #Arquitectura #ArquitecturaUrbana #urbanismo
a metal trash can sitting next to a large window on the side of a building
天府中央法务区 导视系统设计-古田路9号-品牌创意/版权保护平台
天府中央法务区 导视系统设计-古田路9号-品牌创意/版权保护平台
a metal trash can sitting on the side of a road
Tonyo Litter & Recycling Receptacles
Tonyo Receptacles are a beautifully modern waste solution. Available with FSC 100% Cumaru hardwood or powdercoated stainless steel slats.
the walkway is lined with metal poles and street lights
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a car parked on the side of a road next to tall poles with rocks in them
Mesh gabion bollards - Marks & Spencer Eco Store, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield
an empty swimming pool in the middle of a grassy area at night with lights on
two bicyclists are riding down the road under an overpass
9 Cool Projects Under Freeway Overpasses
9 Cool Projects Under Freeway Overpasses - Design - The Atlantic Cities:
an empty parking garage with graffiti on the wall and blue lights in the dark at night
Unterführung A42 - Lichtinstallation Vondern
people sitting on benches under a bridge in front of some tall buildings and plants near the sidewalk
Platform Park by TERREMOTO
Platform Park / TERREMOTO