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Or: "A LITTLE GIRL ON BIKE? GO RIGHT THROUGH HER WITH YOUR CAR" xD Sims logic is the best logic. The Sims 3

If only this was real no more traffic jams sims life is so much better than mine

The Sims lead a sad life.

because they are too busy yelling at me about having to pee to actually PEE.

Its warning poke, letting them know how easily they can be destroyed.

It will work with the doctors screwdriver :P Sims logic McHardy McHardy Taylor Michelle

#Sims #Freeplay Simlish alphabet

BRB, I need to know what my sims are saying.-H Simlish alphabet

Why is real life not Minecraft?

I heard this really cheesey Minecraft joke: Person: What do you get if you punch a tree? A broken hand if you're not in Minecraft!