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James Hertzog

Male, 19 BSc Computer Science, Gamer Currently living in: South Africa (unfortunately)
James Hertzog
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Tokyo, Akihabara

I really enjoyed walking around this place. Would definitely go back given the chance!

Saturday afternoon in Shimokitazawa Tokyo. #geriandsimonjapan2016 #tokyo by colly

Saturday afternoon in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo by night, Japan via cynthia reccord

Bars and restaurants, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, photograph by Ricardo Bevilaqua

姫路城 (Himeji Castle) in 姫路市, 兵庫県 Osaka, two-and-a-half hours from Tokyo by shinkansen, is Milan to Kyoto’s Florence. It does have some unique charms, however. For those interested in traditional architecture, Osaka Castle is a key stop. About 40 minutes away is Himeji Castle, a World Heritage Site built from the 14th to 17th centuries. Also check out nearby Kobe, location of the devastating 1995 earthquake and also hometown of the famous beef.

姫路城 (Himeji Castle) in 姫路市, 兵庫県. Also, the White Egret Castle.