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Light up Coyote Skull Frame Taxidermy Oddities by DeathIsNot Halloween Light Up Head in Frame

With my elf ears this would be crazy! I just realized I am finally in a place where I am actually proud of my weird elf ears and would actually do this (maybe lol). Not long ago I wouldn't even wear my hair up unless I absolutely had to!

Snakebites septum Smiley and nostril. This will be me one day! I need braces too so.

I want this in my bedroom! Michele Marti's "Curious Sofa" is a gorgeous spoof on Victorian morays as well as furniture design. Two people sitting on this plushly upholstered seat are forced to touch knees, a very un-Victorian thing to do

MINI SKULL CANDLES TKMaxx always has DL &Co (and Lisa Carrier Designs) for a fraction.