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an empty restaurant with long tables and chairs
Usine - via cocolapinedesign.com
an outdoor dining area with tables and chairs on the wooden flooring next to brick buildings
Create an Ecommerce Website and Sell Online! Ecommerce Software by Shopify
three tables and two chairs in front of a wall
Grocery Bar Redux | Habitus Living
two people are walking into the entrance to an office building at night with lights on
Rock Box Karaoke in Seattle by Mw|works Architecture + Design
an empty restaurant with tables and chairs in front of shelves full of bottles on the wall
W New Orleans – French Quarter by Nemaworkshop
W New Orleans – French Quarter by Nemaworkshop
a bar with lots of bottles on the shelves
Nosh and Chow by the Catalan architect Lázaro Rosa Violán
LET'S STAY: Nosh and Chow by the Catalan architect Lázaro Rosa Violán
a green couch sitting in front of two tall windows next to a bar with liquor bottles on it
The London Edition Hotel Makes its Debut - DPAGES - a design publication for lovers of all things cool & beautiful
The London Edition Hotel by Yabu Pushelberg and Ian Schrager.
an indoor dining area with black tables and yellow pillows on the chairs, along with potted plants
Wevamag, le magazine d'actualité et d'information
restaurant | "café artcurial" | paris | by gilles & boissier.
three women sitting at a table working on crafts in a room with lots of shelves
Emily Green - The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.
Emily Green in the studio with her team of three staff. Photo - Eve Wilson.
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table next to a person walking
The Gorgeous Merci in Paris — decor8
Shopgirl Visits: Merci in Paris with words by Holly and photos by Jillian http://decor8blog.com/2010/08/10/merci-gorgeous-shop-in-paris/
a room filled with lots of books and furniture next to a wall mounted bookcase
Solid frog
my workspace