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Womens Custom Nike Roshe Run sneakers, Floral design, All white with floral pattern, womens white custom roshe

Apple Watch. I need this.

Quanta Computer, a Taiwan based manufacturer, will reportedly begin mass production of the Apple Watch in January

Scotch and cigars!!! My fav

- No Tax, No Reporting, Lowest Prices Online - Top Quality Tobacco

The haircut all men should get -- The very versatile UNDERCUT

Undercut Hair Style - There’s nothing better than a man looking sharp in a suit. However, a man in a suit sporting an UNDERCUT hair style to boot is simply visuall.

Crankshaft for a ship engine . For goodness shakes don't ( I repeat DON'T spin a bearing )!!

The crankshaft for the diesel engine of the 'Seawise Giant' The longest ship in the world