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It’s the real deal. Thanks to The Vulgar Chef, you can drape us in velvet whenever you want. Click to see more inspired Oreo Snack Hacks and submit your own recipe on our Tumblr.

The recipe is simple as fuck. Drop a little red velvet mix in a muffin ass pan.plop some Oreos smothered with peanut butter on the mixture, cover the Oreos with more red velvet fuck mixture.

Oreo Snack Hack: Oreo Curls - 1 pack Oreo Cookies; 1 stick unsalted butter. Click to see the full recipe for this Oreo Snack Hack on our Tumblr.

Get the Oreo Snack Hack below. [[MORE]] Oreo Curls 1 pack Oreo Cookies 1 stick unsalted butter Place Oreo cookies and hot, melted butter .

DIY zipper bracelet.

DIY zipper bracelet After cutting the cloth away I used a lighter to trim up the edges close to the zippers and I myself ended up using a tiny drill bit to put the rings through to hold the lobster clasp. I added charms and Presto. this is pretty cool