Cool tire swing.boh my gosh I so remember having one of these!!

Cute swing made from recycled tire. Aaahh the good old tire swing, had one of these when I was a kid. On our list for Aub's playground!


The Worlds Strangest Street Food (Typically South African - find a basic Biltong (Jerky) recipe and change the spice for a unique taste.) I know, we own a Biltong Deli

South African Peppermint Crisp tart

Peppermint Crisp fridge tart - a South African treat

Looking for that long-lost delicious South African Peppermint Crisp pudding recipe that you remember from childhood?

South African Koeksisters from   								A very sticky South African sweet.  They remind me of a donut, but maybe messier. ;)  I got this recipe from my South African friend, Sheralee.  She says to try to eat a few before the family gets home because once they get stuck into them, you "ain't gonna get none!"

South African Koeksisters

landscape photo of the Amphitheater reflected in a fishing dam, drakensberg, south africa

The Amphitheater reflected in a fishing dam, drakensberg, south africa I The Drakensberg Mtns. Drakensberg World Heritage Site, South Africa

African snow - Drakensberg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Drakensburg Mountains, South Africa - Welcome to Extreme Frontiers 😀

Spur! Please come to New Zealand!!

Spur Steak Ranches - Their Salad Dressing/Chip Sauce is the best . always got a bottle in the fridge

Malva Pudding {South-African} ~    It is a dark, shiny {slightly sticky} sweet dessert, which is best enjoyed hot with whipped cream, custard or ice-cream. {Secret: if there happens to be a leftover piece the next morning - eat it cold - it will be toffee-ish and pure delight.    Recipe @

Malva Pudding - South African dessert 1 cup Caster Sugar 2 Extra-Large Eggs 1 TB Smooth Apricot Jam 1 cup Flour 1 t Baking Soda Pinch Salt 2 TB Butter 1 t Vinegar cup Milk I've never had this, but it sounds amazing!