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Evening in Cape Town - South Africa. Cape Town is the second-most populated city in South Africa after Johannesburg, and the provincial capital and primate city of the Western Cape. As the seat of the National Parliament, it is also the legislative capita

South African Recipes VETKOEK & CURRY MINCE (the coo coo cook)

Caught the taste of cinnamon sugar, a dusting of the aroma of nutmeg and butter, cookies in the oven, just what you cookin’?

Bredies in South African Recipes

Indigenous African cooking, traditional Afrikaner cuisine, and the Portuguese among others have contributed to the deliciously diverse flavours of Sou

Buttermilk Rusks - Old Style & Favourite South-African Recipes

Buttermilk Rusks - Old Style & Favourite South-African Recipes. Veganize by making buttermilk (add one tablespoon of white vinegar or lemon juice to a cup of soymilk to replace buttermilk and mix well) & use egg replacer

Die Antwoord

yo-landi & ninja by Karin Nelson Photograph by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin Styled by Alex White

South African sweets http://instagram.com/robinreetz

Volunteer with Via Volunteers in South African and try all these delicious sweet treats!

!! In South Africa

Next time you're in South Africa, stop by Sunland Baobab - a well known enormous baobab tree. The year old tree even hosts a bar inside!