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the front cover of surf magazine with a man on a surfboard in the water
Transworld Surf
the letter h is shown in black and white
this isn't happiness™ (Typeverything)
a painting of a woman swimming in the water
Brooklyn, NY fine artist Samantha French #artistaday
Samantha French
a painting of two hands holding each other
London, UK fine artist David Agenjo #artistaday
David Agenjo
four different colored images with black, white and red lines in the middle one has an abstract painting on it's surface
curated contemporary art /// i’m jealous of daniel egnéus
Swedish born, Milan-based artist/illustrator Daniel Egnéus.
Tamara de Lempicka (1898-1980) "Portrait de Mlle Poum Rachou" Art Deco, Portrait, Opera, Artist, Art Gallery
Tamara de Lempicka (1898-1980) "Portrait de Mlle Poum Rachou"
Tamara de Lempicka (1898-1980) "Portrait de Mlle Poum Rachou"
several different types of wooden furniture with labels and tags attached to them, including a chair
chair design, furniture, wood, chair, and label image inspiration on Designspiration
a painting of a large wave in the ocean
Wave Painting
Saatchi Online Artist: Surajit Chatterjee; Acrylic, 2011, Painting "Wave"
two people are playing with colored powder in the air and one is on a skateboard
Color Blast
Street art paint war, Berlin
it's the end of thursday! Yeaha
a woman with large round glasses on her face and city skyline in the back ground
Illustrated Ladies
Big Big Apple (Print available now) by ~erilu on deviantART