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The Umbrella Home: A Simple Underground House Design

"Umbrella type House" - using a PAHS - passive annual heat storage.these burried tubes can keep your house at a even temp year round

| Thriving Sustainably with Earthbag Building and Other Practical Solutions

SuperShip Earthbag Dome Workshop in Nevada

root cellar design and decorating ideas

Root cellars are not just functional structures that offer eco friendly natural cold storage for food

Beautiful bath

Now THIS is the kind of tub I want!-D -- The master bathroom. A blue-green mosaic-inspired bath, reminiscent of a rock pool, sits under the natural illumination of a skylight. A large wooden stool provides a seat for grooming.- this is a beautiful tub.

Pondless backyard waterfall

A pondless waterfall saves space and reduces workload. If you would like a water feature in your yard but would rather skip all the cleaning and algae removal and what not that goes with a pond check out this waterfall how to from Backyard Design Ideas.

Neat little rain water gutter

River Rock and Brick Mosaic Downspout Drainage Idea - this is a great way to drain water away from the foundation - via Prairie Break

How do you identify your plants in the garden after you have planted the seed? I usually use Garden Markers to help me to know what plants are what.

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