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Russian soldiers check their communication link as fights on Frankfurter Allee streets are ongoing during the advance of the Red Army in Berlin, April 1945.

End of the war in Berlin 1945 - Soviet soldiers ensure the communication link as fights on Frankfurter Allee are ongoing during the advance of the Red Army in the streets of Berlin, April Photo: Berliner Verlag / Archive - NO WIRE SERVICE


1963 by Malcolm W.Browne / The Associated Press / Prize World Press :: Vietnam, Saigon / Caption Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc sets himself ablaze in protest against the persecution of Buddhists by the South Vietnamese government.


"The Troubles" by Hanns-Jörg Anders. A young Catholic wears a gasmask during clashes with British troops. People had been fleeing from teargas after a night of street fighting. (Hanns-Jörg Anders) Date Country United Kingdom Place Derry, Northern Ireland


The 1980 World Press Photo of the Year by Mike Wells a foreign missionary in Uganda holds the hand of a starving boy. A massive famine at the time killed of the population including of all infants.

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An elephant stands on its back legs to reach high leaves with its trunk in a forest at Mana Pools, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Zimbabwe. Photographer Morkel Erasmus captured this behaviour, which has made the Mana Pools elephants famous but has.

Perfect happiness captured in a photo

Wedding photographers are there to capture the most important moments of your special day. The classic black and white wedding photo is as stunning at it is timeless. Below are some of our favorite black and white shots, and boy are they gorgeous.