Shot placement

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Kudu Shot Placement

Kudu Shot Placement Guide - Kudu Hunting Tip: Horn tips pointing back usually indicate a young adult.

Eland Shot Placement

Eland Shot Placement Guide - Eland Hunting Tip: Older males typically lose hair, giving a greyish colouration as the dark skin beneath shows through

Warthog Shot Placement

Warthog Shot Placement Guide - Warthog Hunting Tip: While both sexes have tusks only the male has a second set of 'warts' below the eyes

Zebra Shot Placement

Zebra Shot Placement Guide - zebra herds have a strict hierarchy among females and juveniles and will often move in single file - the most senior at the front


Sable Shot Placement Guide - Sable Hunting Tip: Female's horns are noticeably thinner with less curve


Impala Shot Placement Guide - Impala Hunting Tip: When horn tips are vertical the animal is fully mature

Gemsbok Shot Placement

Gemsbok Shot Placement Guide - If the head is tilted back and horn tips touch beyond the start of the black portion on the rump, the trophy will score well

Wildebeest Shot Placement Guide - a wounded wildebeest will often circle round, leading the hunter back almost to the original point where first shot

eland shot placement quartering away

The eland is a large species of antelope that inhabits much of south and east Africa. Keep reading to find out everything about eland hunting in Africa.