Which tea for which ailment #drink #glup #beverage

Healthy healing herbal teas and their benefits

Tea is a great herbal remedy for many body ailments. Here is a cheat sheet of the different types of tea that can naturally soothe some of your health issues. Beauty Tips & Tricks

Moet nooit moed verloor nie

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You are the magic

You are the magic - Just like in Harry Potter where he waits to see the patronus from his father but realises it was him all along.

Dit maak nie saak hoe jy aan die BUITEKANT lyk nie... ..dis hoe jy aan die…

Dit maak nie saak hoe jy aan die BUITEKANT lyk nie... ..dis hoe jy aan die…

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Ha ha. In our house Mam (that would be me) is considered as our very own Google!

Huisgenoot = a magazine found in most households

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