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The cooking of South Africa, often called "rainbow cuisine," is a mix of indigenous African dishes, the cooking of Dutch and English settlers and the well spiced foods of Malays, Indians and Indonesian. Braai Recipes, Kebab Recipes, Lamb Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Sausage Recipes, Yummy Recipes, South African Braai, South African Dishes

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Lamb sosaties are a classic South African dish - cubes of lamb threaded onto skewers with dried apricots, onions & peppers in a mild curry marinade. Perfect to barbecue!

For your next braai, why not fire up some Boerewors Rolls? Meet South-Africas answer to Hot Dogs. South African Braai, South African Dishes, South African Recipes, Food Trucks, Shawarma, Kos, Hot Dogs, Tapas, Easy Weekday Meals

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A 'sosatie' is a kind of South African kebab – but it is quite distinct from a Turkish kebab or a Portuguese/Brazilian espetada, particularly for two reasons: the meat is marinaded in a sweet Cape Malay curry sauce before cooking; and the meat on the ske South African Braai, South African Dishes, South African Recipes, Ethnic Recipes, Braai Recipes, Lamb Recipes, Wine Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Kos

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A recipe for classic South African lamb sosaties (skewers) where lamb is paired with apricots in a sticky marinade before being braaied / barbecued.

Boerewors is one of South Africa's staple foods. It is local and lekker.not all wors is boerewors! To be labeled boerewors the regulations stipulate that it has to contain at least South African Recipes, Ethnic Recipes, Mash Recipe, Tomato Gravy, Biltong, Balsamic Reduction, Food Staples


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Potato with Boerewors (patatas Bravas Tapas) South African Dishes, South African Recipes, Ethnic Recipes, Potato Dishes, Food Dishes, Side Dishes, Sausage Recipes, Beef Recipes, Recipes


Boerewors is a South African sausage and it is made with minced beef or sometimes even pork or lamb. Patatas Bravas is a spicy potato dish that is traditionally served as part of a tapas menu. I wanted the comfort of a potato dish, paired with the lovely spicy-ness of our own boerewors.

These South African Bazaar Pancakes 8 ounces flour g) teaspoon salt 3 eggs pint milk (about 375 ml) 2 tablespoons melted butter ml) 2 tablespoons cognac (or brandy or rum) 1 cup sugar 1 tablespoon cinnamon, ground South African Recipes, Ethnic Recipes, Fresh Cream, Ice Cream, Soul Food, Pancakes, Vegetarian, Baking, Breakfast

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First of all: these traditional pancakes are not thick and smallish. They are thin, about the thickness of a plastic school ruler or even thinner! Secondly, they are large -- made in pans of between 7 and 8 in diameter. The bazaar in this case comes from the name for the yearly Thanksgiving fêtes held by almost all churches across the land: the church bazaar. A bazaar is not a bazaar without a posse of chunky aunties and uncles (not relatives!) behind a church hall table, baking masses of…