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Vetkoek The English have Yorkshire Pudding and the South Africans have Vetkoek! Fill it with mincemeat, cheese or any thing else that comes to hand.

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Custard slices (Vlaskywe), a very traditional treat in South Africa, are made by sandwiching thick custard.

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phyllo pastry dessert recipes, gluten free dessert recipes, yummy desserts recipes - Nothing is better than a traditional homemade South African dessert to end off your meal. Here at we have put together a short list of our favourites.

Genoeg vir 12 Bereiding: 20 min. Bak: 45 min. 110 g botter 500 ml (2 k) melk 4 eiers, geskei 1 ml...

Crustless Milk Tart Slices: The creamy, velvety texture will have everybody hooked in one bite.

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Boerewors (farmers sausage), everyone’s favourite a must at every South African braai - South African barbecue tips and ideas

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Hoe meer Suid-Afrikaans wil jy nou meer wees as jellie-en-vla of malvapoeding-en-vla? Maak jou eie vla en sit 'n eg Suid-Afrikaanse nagereg sommer vanaand nog voor!

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Koffiekoekies, Dié koekies laat my sommer na my ouma verlang. Sy het altyd vakansies kom kuier met ’n hele blik vol

Koeksisters are a South African syrup-coated twisted doughnut that originally come from the Cape Malay community.    Ingredients    For the koeksister batter:    1 egg, beaten  6 tablespoons of milk  2 cups flour  6 tablespoons of butter  2 teaspoons baking powder  1 teaspoon of salt    For the koeksister syrup:    4 cups sugar  1 cup water  1 teaspoon of cream of tartar  ½ teaspoon of tartaric acid  1 teaspoon of vanilla essence or  1 teaspoon of grated orange rind or  1 teaspoon of gro...

A koeksister (or koe'sister) is a traditional South African confection. The name derives from the Dutch word koekje, which translates to "cookie". Koeksisters are very sticky and sweet and taste like honey.

What South African doesn't love Eet Sum More biscuits!

Eat Sum More (Shortbread Cookies)

Eat Sum More (Shortbread Cookies) I used a hand mixer baked on pizza stone.I think I need to add lemon extract to get it like Atlanta Bread Co. probably cut them thicker. --Measured ingredients by weight!

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Food & Wine's Gail Simmons shared school lunch ideas: her Slow Cooker Meatballs Recipe with Tomato Sauce & Tangy Ranch Dip Duo Recipe.

South African Sosaties

A traditional South African entree with sweet and spicy beef or lamb grilled on a skewer with apricots.


Not much to look @ but need to remember this recipe. Dutch Vla--it's like melted icecream or runny pudding. It sounds nasty but it's actually really good & the hubby loves it.