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What is a Marimo moss ball? Marimo ball is a kind of fresh water algae grown in Hokkaido, Japan. It is a natural monument in lake Akan, full of

Japanese Marimo Moss Balls // Aquatic Living Plants for Aquarium Terrarium Accessories,DIY Jewelry Findings

Oh my gosh, love this!! I think I am going to attempt to make this myself. Assorted Hanging Jellyfish Air Plants by SimplyMAEdwithlove

Once Spring rolls around, the world starts to look like a brighter and cheerier place. The days become longer, flowers start to bloom, and you can trade your heavy coat for a light jacket. One way to celebrate.

Marimo balls: care & info

Aegagropila linnaei, better known to aquarists as Marimo or moss ball, is a type of algae that grows into green balls under certain conditions. They are popular as low-maintenance pets because of t.

I want this mosaic on a walkway through my garden!  So wish I could have bees, but, alas, the suburbs strike again...   Via: Sue McLoughlin | Flickr | InteriorDesignPro

Bee mosaic, one of several lovely stone mosaics in Gresgarth Hall Gardens, "the country home of Arabella Lennox-Boyd in north Lancashire, England." Click through to see more mosaics and garden shots.