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a pink bow with polka dots on it and a card that says, keep uppy thanks for coming to my party
an orange and blue color scheme with the word,
Bluey party Color Palette
three blue gloves with the words pin the tail on dap tails written below them
a blue table topped with two stuffed animals next to a sign that says boo baby
Bluey - Bob Bilby photo frame
decorated cookies are arranged in the shape of dogs and their names on blue paper with white lettering
Bluey Bingo Birthday Cookies
three t - shirts with cartoon characters on them, one for dad and the other for sister
Bluey Birthday Party Ideas Kids Will Love
an assortment of decorated cookies in the shape of dogs and cats with name tags on them
a blue and orange ribbon on top of a piece of paper
Bluey Keepy Uppy party favour
five cards with the words, i don't know what they are