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We shouldn’t just dismiss them as hopeless until we know more. The above quote is a common sentiment among survivors of narcissistic abuse, and healthy when we are trying to go No Contact wit…

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This speaks volumes....I really do not miss the utter craziness

Beware the Narcissist, they actually don't see the problem with their behavior because they always get what they want. They'll just cycle through people to find others that will allow their abuse.

#narcissists play dumb ... like posting, "go ahead, judge me, just remember to be perfect for the rest of your life (like living in one man's house, having a one-night stand with another, moving forward to date a third, all to fall back on option two is ever considered "perfect")

OMG, this is soooo true! I used to try and explain how their behaviour and actions affect others, but N's don't care. ~Caroline OMG I know way to many!