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an iphone screen showing the calendar and icons for different things to see in the phone
phone inspo credit to baileejarrett
a white snap icon on a yellow background
kathryn on X
two white gears on a beige background
Settings icon for iOS 14
the letter j in white on a yellow background
Tik tok icon baby yellow
an image of the pin logo in white on a light yellow background with black dots
Ícone Amarelo
the letter a is made up of white letters on a yellow background with an arrow in the center
iOS app store icon baby yellow
a white flower on a yellow background
the disney plus logo is shown in white on an orange background, and it appears to be made out of paper
Disney+ icon for iOS 14
an image of a phone with the text whatsapp? on it in a speech bubble
WhatsApp icon for iOS 14
a white clock with an arrow on it
Safari icon for iOS 14