Izelle van Niekerk

Izelle van Niekerk

Izelle van Niekerk
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healthy shakes for everything.

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"Granny" Hair Trend Has Young Women Dyeing Their Hair Gray

Young women around the world have gotten fed up with how good older silver vixens can sometimes look with their gray hair and have started dying their hair gray

OMG I love this I want to do it on some one or I will have this hair

Love, love, love her hair extensions! I have been thinking of doing the gray color but I'm not convinced it would go well with my skin tone. But this style is sooo tempting!

28 Gals Who Are Pulling Off Silver Hair photo Callina Marie's photos @veronicalewi

Whatever you do with your hair color it’s beautiful in its natural shade. However many young ladies are inpatient for their grey hair color and try to experim

Black roots on gray or icy blue hair can add a dramatic touch (and also ease the transition between dyes once your roots start growing out).

not necessarily a fan of the silver hair trend.but i think it looks cool here, with the ombre. dark roots and almost green tips Set of 5 - Ombre Colored Hair Chalk - Black and White - Premium Salon Grade - Temporary Color Pastels

Top 15 Long Blonde Hairstyles (don�t miss this)!

Beautiful platinum blonde highlights and lowlights to make this blonde beautiful for fall! Fall hair doesn't have to be dark! Just changing the tone of your blonde gives a whole new look without compromising your color.