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Mozambican savagely murdered in South African anti-immigrant violence

Mozambican savagely murdered in black-on-black anti-immigrant violence in South Africa.

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In a country where minorities form 10% of the population, it’s astounding that more than 1 million are living in crippling poverty as a result of the ANC regime's so-called "Employment Equity Act", which effectively excludes them from obtaining employment, and the ability to provide for their families etc. Children are malnourished and sick, their parents dehumanized and desperate. They live in tents and makeshift structures, battling winds, rain, hail, and heat etc in appalling and…

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One of the thousands of violent carjackings that occur in South Africa every year - fortunately this one failed.

EXCLUSIVE - Hero football captain was gunned down in front of screaming children: Witness tells how South African star who was two-timing wife and girlfriend was blasted in chest at point-blank range

Ramaphosa's millions revealed! The rise of the black oligarchs - oh, look, I'm sure that none of it is the result of institutionalized nepotism, favoritism, reverse-racism, and widespread corruption etc (on an industrial scale), of course.