Epic! Bubblewrap crawl

If you're looking for some great winter boredom busters for your little ones, you will love these 33 winter activities for toddlers!

Ball drop game

Infant & Toddler Fun: Balls, Bells, a Basket, and a Box - Child Central Station

Colour sort

See how we made a game out of colour sorting to suit my childs interests. Playing and Learning Begins at Home

Texture textile busy tile

texture sensory board for baby made using free carpet & tile samples, paint chips, ribbons, etc.

Colourful noodles - sensory

Rainbow Spaghetti Sensory Play for Babies and Toddlers - Meri Cherry

Tug box

Montessori hands on learning for toddlers DIY tugging box for young toddlers - Laughing Kids Learn

Pool noodle and balloon

love the idea of the pool noodle and the balloon - Plain Vanilla Mom: The Way We Play; lots of different ideas for fun with a 1 year old.

'Coin' drop

Do you have a toddler who puts everything in her mouth? Try these activities for toddlers, before she is ready for the small manipulatives.

Ball drop game advanced

20 Toddler Activities by teachingmama Kids Toddlers Activities Finally some great ideas! No more momma going crazy on the weekends!

Colour sorting

What a fun indoor activity where toddlers can also learn about colors. + add in some gross motor skills practicie