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an image of a halloween pumpkin with bats on it
a ghost holding a pumpkin with flowers on it
a ghost with mushrooms on it and the words grooy and spooky
three pumpkins with faces and cats on them
halloween stickers with pumpkins, witches and other things on them in different colors
halloween stickers are shown on a pink and orange checkered background
an image of halloween mushrooms and pumpkins
Spooky Shrooms
a black background with orange and white dog shaped biscuits on it's sides,
a pink bottle filled with lots of colorful butterflies on top of a white background and a tag hanging from it's side
a glass bottle filled with leaves and flowers
an image of many different things in the sky with balloons and flowers on them,
We are still refining things, but here is a little sneak peek of my current client project, it is an art camp for 4-8 year olds 😍. This is my first branding project targeted towards children and I am having so much fun with it. I have frequently caught myself designing with a huge smile on my face, so rad and my wonderful client is making the whole process such a breeze 🌈 [branding, branddesigner, branddesigner, artiscool, brandpattern, doodles, artcamp]