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Not for long will I be prisoner to anyone, and being held inside myself. Not being able to express myself...Usually its the little things that I cant do or have. Things that shouldnt matter! The only thing that matters is my personality, isnt it? It shouldnt matter if you wear black makeup or corsets and pvc boots. It  shouldnt matter if you find beauty in oddities...

"Prisoner" a dark eye image. Once Miranda is confined in the small prison, she only lives in the ‘’eyes’’ of Frederick. The beautiful teenager will die inside the little cage, only seen by a psychopath collector.


The nest by David Hobcote via "There are roughly 700 mountain gorillas remaining on Earth, and nearly half live in the forests of the Virunga mountains in central Africa. These gorillas live on the green, volcanic slopes of Uganda.

For when people ask what my ears are gonna look like when I'm old. :)

Long in the ears.woman from Dayak Kenyah tribe, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Women with long earlobes in Dayak Kenyah tribe are considered noble and respectable, while nowadays the tradition is no longer common among the tribeswomen.