Isabella Hawthorne-Bristow

Isabella Hawthorne-Bristow

Wannabe adult, full of love and the desire to be as good a person as my dog thinks I am.
Isabella Hawthorne-Bristow
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So inspirational and encouraging to see these printable positive affirmations for moms. Love the printable cards!

We could totally print these up or as a craft we could have some examples and then people could make them for themselves?

Behind every great kid...

So true! I recently had a conference with a mom who said straight out, "Im a bad mom" but her kid is amazing. Behind every amazing kid there's an amazing mom, I just wish we would all give ourselves credit for it


Trashy Diva, despite the off-putting name, is a haven for women with curvier figures than the high street has in mind. In keeping with the retro style of the clothes, everything from Trashy Diva is cut for an hourglass figure.


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