Reflect the One you follow!

The devil whispers "you can't withstand the storm". The warrior replied "I am the storm". - Best motivational and inspirational quotes of all time - Medical Institution

Family ~ Building our lives One memory at a time (vinyl wall decals)

I like this wall– Inspirational quotes, wall art edition. When I go to someone's house and see this stuff, it makes me think that Kelly Rippa has been tagging their walls.


Great reminders every day. Great for Kitchen.or office. "My to do list for today." Hand stamped on canvas by Need to remember this!

Love my Daddy. Afrikaanse aanhaling oor ma / pa

So waar ek kan my DAD enige iets vra, en hy is altyd da vir my! Ek is soooo blessed met die beste pa!

Your soul mate is the person who mends your broken heart by simply giving you theirs.

we could live like Jack and Sally if we want. ❤ Nightmare Before Christmas Disney Fan Art