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Wyndcliffe is an abandoned mansion in the town of Rhinebeck, New York.

The abandoned Gothic Revival Victorian mansion ruins of Wyndcliffe, Rhinebeck, New York. Inspired the phrase "keeping up with the Joneses"

Vintage lingerie for the vintage bride? We say yes to this 1920s Boué Soeurs satin set.

Boué Soeurs completely handsewn, silk satin lingerie set (bra and tap pants), :: lace :: silk :: underpinnings :: vintage :: lingerie :: beautiful :: bandeau bra ::

1920s gown by Charles Frederick Worth It was a golden time for the demand for" luxury goods, including textiles and fashionable dress."

gown by Charles Frederick Worth. During this period, the demand for luxury goods, including textiles and fashionable dress, reached levels that had not been seen since before the French Revolution.

wasbella102: French silk/lace slip, 1920s Utterly lovely…

French silk/lace slip, from the Vintage Textile archives. [I have a very similar slip, with less elaborate lace, which was among the family belongings; nice to find an approximate date for it .