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"Username or password incorrect.well at least tell me which one it is. So True!

I could have a camera crew follow me around at times. My life is a bad reality tv show.

I used to think I had some control over my life. Now I just pull up a chair and watch the shit show unfold before me.


I have a hard time to express my frustration and at times I will throw temper tantrum… Mommy tells me to relax, breath, and think of something happy. I wonder how Mommy remains so calm even when I get mad at her.


But the cup size also depends on the number, so I'm 13 and I'm a DDD otherwise known as an E

Reasonable. Generally true. Only difference is that in order to catch you, it's actually LEGAL for me to speed up.

This reminds me of a guy. and i would hope he gets arrested lol.