On a beach in South Africa

sign on Jabula beach South Africa pretty much sums up what my parents relied to me about life.

Highlights from 2 Weeks in South Africa

Highlights from 2 Weeks in South Africa

Highlights from two weeks spent traveling in South Africa, including sharks, wine, helicopter tours, and spotting the Big

You know you're South African when ...

Applies mainly to South Africans - and it's so, so true! I had so many "tannies / aunties" and "ooms / uncles" growing up . A form of politeness for adults that the rest of the world has pretty much lost / left behind.

Jacaranda trees flower city of Pretoria in South Africa

Jacaranda trees flower October month, city of Pretoria, South Africa.

Cows on the beach - Transkei, South Africa

Cows on the Beach - Port St Johns - South Africa - photo by Jon Riordan


Normally i wouldnt post this because I hate it when someone says "African" instead of "South African". But this is totally true!