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In early August, New York City saw an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease, a very rare and sometimes deadly form of pneumonia.


Infographic highlighting the use of digital, mobile, apps, and professional resources online by US oncologists (source: Digital Insights Group).

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Eighty-five percent of health care providers want to boost communication with patients. What are you doing to keep pace with new technology?

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Digital continues to dramatically influence health care communication. With half of 2015 behind us, take a look at what lies ahead in eHealth.

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One-third of patients don’t know whether they even have access to a patient portal. As a result, communicators are missing key opportunities for engagement.


TheFuture of Healthcare : how technology will change healthcare for patients, providers, payers and governments

mobile and smartphones in healthcare #healthcare #infographic

L’usage des mobiles et smartphones : une tendance forte en e-santé

205 mobile health hospital branded apps review and collection. By Mobilhealthnews. -Infographic

Hospital Patient Engagement Infographic Health and Fitness… - Healthcare Infographic

The Basics of Deep Linking Infographic

The Basics of Deep Linking. Deep links allow app developers to link to particular pages in their apps and even personalize the experience for new users.