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an old woman with glasses and pearls on her head, has the caption i am not scared of no po po po
an older woman sitting in a chair with the caption, i know i'm a sinner that's why i mines my own damn business you should try
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the road i have traveled has not always been an easy one and the path was often full of stones, but i am still here
Manifest Money Love & Success
Manifesting can also be surprisingly mathematical. There are special numbers associated with it — 1111 and 444 are “angel numbers” sent from the universe — as well as special sound frequencies for manifesting specific wants (528 hertz is the “love frequency”). There are manifesting-adjacent emoji (the Nazar Amulet, which in many cultures’ folklore is believed to ward off the evil eye, is a favorite) and guides on how to create your own sigils, a personal motif often used in witchcraft.