Vinegar Pudding (Asyn Poeding).

South Africans are renowned for their sweet tooths and many different types of poedings (puddings) feature among their line-up of traditional desserts. This classic vinegar pudding is not nearly as…

An old favorite winter pudding - Sago (Snow) Pudding

An old favourite winter pudding - Sago Pudding - My Easy Cooking Ingredients 1 cup sago 1 L milk 1 stick cinnamon pinch of salt 3 tbs sugar 2 eggs – separated (keep whites for topping) + 2 tbsp caster sugar for topping a little apricot jam(optional)

Gebakte Poeding (Aangepaste malvapoeding)

Anna se Gebakte Poeding Rencia Odendaal Pretorius Gebruik bak x Bestandele: 1 eier suiker meel bakpoeier koeksoda asyn 2 eetl appelkooskonfyt 1 kop melk Sout Meto.

Malvalekker poeding

Marshmallow Fridge Tart recipe featured on DesktopCookbook. Ingredients for this Marshmallow Fridge Tart recipe include 1 Can Condensed Milk, Lemon Juice, Cream, whipped till thick, and Small Marshmallows. Create your own online recipe box.