Friday Cocktails

Sometimes mixed drinks give more pleasure than drinking neat alcohol. Mixed drinks are also known as cocktails. Though, wines and beer are most liked by men, mixed drinks give a refreshing and surprising change sometimes.

Awesome Umbrella Drinks

Going out for drinks is a common thing to do with friends, family, and loves. There are so many drinks out there that we may find ourselves wondering what to

Martini and Cognac

Color Up Your Cocktails Are you planning a holiday party at your home? Instead of bland, boring cocktails at your event, you can liven thin.

Drink and be merry!

Easy to Prepare Cocktails : Mixed Drinks Made Easy. A cocktail is a combination of mixed drinks -- spirits usually mixed with other ingredients usually to have a distinct taste so as the taste of the spirit is easily complemented and it is more.

A Painting Class With Cocktails!!


A Painting Class With Cocktails!

Summer Sangria Recipes « My Spanish Translator

White Sangria 2 bottle white wine, 1 cup brandy, cup fine suager, 2 oranges sliced, 1 lemon and 1 lime sliced. refrigerate serve with ice in glasses.

Stone-fruit purée gives this beautifully colored sangria an intensely flavored base that’s reinforced with juicy sliced fruit. Choose any combination of the ripest, most fragrant stone fruit (if, say, nectarines aren’t looking great, swap in good-looking apricots). Chill the...

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