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Sauteed Eggplant | tasty eggplant in 20 mins!
Eggplant Caponata (for Pasta, Bruschetta & Appetizer)
Pap, Wors & Smoor Cake
Pilchard Mayo
*MAYO* dreams come true with this delicious pilchard-mayo dish 🐟😍 With 2 simple ingredients: pilchards and mayonnaise you can create the ULTIMATE combination for a sandwich, wrap, or even a pie filling. Packed with protein and so more-ish!
Chaka-Lekker Pilchard Cottage Pie
Everyone loves a classic cottage pie 🤩 Watch 👆 THIS video to see how to make one with a twist! Lucky Star 🐟 is adding all the local flavour to this cottage pie with chakalaka and pilchards! This is the perfect weeknight meal and uses pantry staples you will already have on hand! Win win!
Samp & Bean Chakalaka Bake
Watch this video 👆🏽 to find out how to make a samp & bean chakalaka bake 🧀🙌🏽 You don’t get a more proudly South African meal than a combination of samp, beans and chakalaka 🇿🇦 This dish uses minimal ingredients, is easy to make and can be enjoyed as a side or main meal. The cheese pull is testimony to the comfort this meal brings 🙌🏽