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Cooked franks on lettuce

German sausage recipes, from frankfurters to wursts of all kinds, should be in every sausage makers inventory. Here's a collection of the best.

Homemade merguez @

Spicy merguez sausage made right in your own kitchen. This simple recipe yields endless possibilities - try merguez with chips and harissa, a merguez frittata, or a Moroccan-inspired merguez wrap.

sausage patties

Taking breakfast to a new level is our latest and greatest recipe for Waffle Tacos made with Purnell's "Old Folks" Sausage Patties. Spice up your breakfast!

sausage links

Sauerkraut - You'll find this cabbage dish at the Oktoberfest, or any wine or beer festival in Southern Germany, it's usually served with Bratwurst or any other good German sausages, Schweinshaxe (pork knuckle) or any other pork dish.